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"strike & stroke"

A monolog by Alon Margalit

A thirty year old man, who is a successful high-tech professional, a former army sergeant, is currently in treatment for domestic violence.
His life story shows how the loving relationship he had with his wife becomes increasingly abusive. He opens a window into his soul, revealing the inner drives, forces and struggles that turn him from a "great guy" into a serious threat to the safety of his wife and daughter.
Through his story we are acquainted with his wife, who repeatedly forgives, forgets and remains optimistic and hopeful. She is in complete denial of the problem, until it is almost too late.

The monologue exposes its viewers to the world of an abusive man and his inner drives. It opens an honest and authentic dialogue with the audience.
Female viewers will gain strategies towards recognition of similar threats. For the men it is an opportunity to identify feelings and tensions that may present within themselves and consequently prevent such situations from ensuing.

Monolog - 45 minutes
Meeting the play writer - 20 minutes

alon margalit
Alon Margalit is a graduate of the prestigious Nissa Nativ Acting Studio in Tel Aviv Israel , The school for film acting run by Ruth Dichess and the school of screen writing run by idit shhory.

Alon writes and directs plays that deal with pressing social issues like sexual Abuse, drugs, alcohol and internet addiction. These plays are performed all over Israel in high schools, seminars and used to educate raise awareness and hopefully bring a deeper understanding of these problems, something he hopes will lead to social change.

Alon teaches and directs adult and kids improvisation groups and workshops .These workshops help develop personal communication and creativity.
For the past ten years he has performed "Strike and Stroke" extensively to a diverse and multie ethnic audience, shining a light and awareness to violence against woman.
Alon lives in village at the Galil area in Israel. he is married and the Father of three children.

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January 2, 2009

To the attention of: Alon Margalit

Dear Alon,

On December 21, 2008, you appeared before the women of WZO Tel Aviv in the play, "To Hurt and to Caress," as part of the program of the day marking the International Struggle Against Violence Against Women.

The show touched people with a "gentle caress," and with great impact , in the impressive and powerful way you delivered the messages that touch upon the phenomenon of domestic violence from the point of view of a recovering man-who-batters.

I chose this play precisely for its unique presentation of the side of the violent, the batterer who introspects, because we are habituated to the presentation of the battered-woman sacrifice, and this was an opportunity to witness the thinking of a man who batters, the problematics of his conceptions, the influences in his personal and social lives, and in his work relationships, in his loss and in the high price also paid by the aggressor.

The reviews were very lauditory-I received scores of telephone calls praising the show and its contents-there is no doubt that a solo show requires many talents to deliver a message, particularly when it is not amusing.

Wishing you continued success, creativity, and fruitful endeavors.

Cheli Friedman
Director, Women's Status
WZO Tel Aviv

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